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Departure: 8am
Duration: 2.5 -3 hours ( 23Km )
$49 Per Person

Mornings and Afernoon Departures, we’ll meet you at your hotel than we’ll start Biking, this Route is 3/4 Paved Roads and 1/4 Off Road Pure Mountain Biking Medium Level with Spectacular views of the Rural Part of Ngapali, we start by driving from your hotel to the main town of Thandwe which is about 11 Km than we get on to a Nice MTB trail across the local villages, rice fields, forests and mangroves near the airport were we end the Off Roading to get back on main roads to eventually get back to the hotels, All of our Routes offer Great Photography, this route is suitable for most people as a beginner route is quite easy and enjoyable.


Departure: 8am
Duration: 3-4 hours ( 33Km )
$49 Per Person

Mornings and Afternoon Departures on this Amazing Mountain Biking Route, we’ll start by picking you up at your hotel than start biking from the hotel zone into Ngapali Mountain Range with spectacular panoramic of the Beach and crossing through rural Burma with very fun uphills and downhills, to get across the mountains from Ngapali Beach takes approximately 1 hour, than we’ll have a 30min stop at a local convenience store to drink some water and get some rest, after that we’ll get back on the main road coming from the city for another 45min to an hour to get to Thandwe, and from thandwe to back to the hotel takes approximately 30min.

We only use top Quality Brands, Cannondale and Trek mountain bikes 24 Speed Front Suspension, Brand New and Well Maintained.


Departure: 7am
Duration: 7-8 hours (80Km)
$49 Per Person

Professional Level and Excellent Shape Required ! This Route is truly Amazing but also very demanding very enjoyable this Route is Basically an Extension of Route 2 we continue to pass the next mountain range that will bring us to the Thandwe River Delta than we will follow the Parallel Road along the River Back to Thandwe for about 50Km ones in Thandwe we than will start mountain biking back to the hotel zone.


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